Westgate Gas-Fitter

How A Westgate Gas-Fitter Can Help With Your Appliances

gas ovenIt is important that you to first understand what exactly a gas fitter is, and how a Westgate gas-fitter can help you.

A gas fitter can be defined as a person that installs and services natural gas fixtures and appliances in residential, commercial or industrial situations. This can also include laying and fixing gas pipes to carry the gas from the gas bottles to the appliance.

Only a licensed gas fitter can install gas appliances and systems in New Zealand. If you do not use a professionally-trained Westgate gas-fitter, your insurance may well be invalidated. But that is the least of your worries. There are very real risks of accident, escaping gas, or at the extreme, an explosion, due to poor installation of gas appliances or pipework. Therefore look for a Master Plumber and Gas-Fitter to ensure your gas fitting is safe, and up to standard.

A licensed gas fitter will ensure that your gas appliance or installation is connected correctly. Gas appliances also need to have adequate ventilation, and is appropriately flued to allow wastes and exhausts to flow away from the building that the system is housed in.

Installing gas appliances

The range of work that a gas-fitter does depends on the state of the building. For example, some buildings might need pipework installed while others it will simply require the installation of the gas appliances such as a gas fireplace and flue kit.

For natural gas supplied from gas bottles, the gas fitter will install a gas regulator, the gas bottle connectors and the gas service pipe to the appliance locations. The gas fitter will then install and connect the appliances. This may also include the flues and ventilation pipes or any plumbing work that is required.

Other services of a Westgate gas-fitter

gas fitter WestgateBesides installing as systems and appliances, a gas-fitter can also provide you with regular inspections and servicing. This will help to keep your gas appliances, boilers, water heaters ovens, etc, in the best operating condition. This will ensure their ongoing safety, and could also help to keep down their running costs.

A qualified gas fitter can quickly identify system-wide problems with gas-fired heating systems, cookers, and other appliances. This will keep them in good working order which again, this will reduce the risk dangerous situations.

If you are a New User of Home LPG, you also want to pick your LPG supplier before the gas fitter starts work. You will need to order gas bottles to be delivered so that the gas-fitter can install, and test your appliances.

Finding a Westgate gas fitter is not so tough.

A search in Google for “Westgate gas-fitters” will show some local gas-fitting companies and a few directories too, like “NoCowboys”. Pick two or three to contact, and then get quotes from them for the gas-fitting job you need done.

Certification as a Master Plumber, is required so be sure to check that the plumber or gas fitter is qualified to carry out your work. Heron Plumbing is one such Master Plumber.

A certified Westgate gas-fitter can be relied on to provide the expertise required for all your plumbing and gas fitting needs in Auckland.