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An agent to sell your real estate in Ellerslie

Tips For Picking The Best Ellerslie Real Estate Agent

Many people have never bought or sold a house before. It is tempting to think that it is a relatively easy thing to do. However, this is not the case. Some people try to sell a property on their own with one of the various FSBO marketing kits but for most people this is not a good route. By far the better option is to hire the best real estate agent you can. The following article is designed to help you with that process.

The first things is to not rush and sign up with the first real estate agent you meet. Each brand and each agent is different so you need to do some digging around before you commit to one agency.

The first option is to go to one of the local real estate agents and talk to the people there. Each different franchise brand has their own strengths and weaknesses. Ask the principal of the branch to talk to you about why they are better than their competitors. This will be illuminati9ng as they might denigrate their competitors. If they do this, you should be wary. The correct approach is to acknowledge the strengths and abilities of the other real estate agents but then explain why they are able to do a better job or to get a higher price or quicker sale. If a real estate agent does this then they should stay on the short-list.

Another option is to drive around your neighbourhood and look at the for sale signs. If there is one agent who you see a number of times, that is a good sign that other people have recommended that agent. So take a note of their phone number and give them a call.

You can also ask friends or colleagues if they can recommend a real estate agent in the Ellerslie area.

If the individual agent works for one of the agencies you have put on your short-list, then you are getting close. You have an ethic you like and an agent who clearly knows your area well and is trusted by other people selling house in your suburb. So now you can call in that individual real estate agent to interview them.

Remember that they want your business as they will get a hefty commission from the sale of your property. So do not be soft with them. Ask them searching questions about how they would market your property? What advertising would they recommend. What type of sales such tender or auction? Do they have a list of potential buyers they can contact rather than waiting until the house is on the market? These are all pertinent questions to ask them

Finally ask them for references from satisfied sellers they have acted for. A good agent will have them available at the interview and will be able to show you them straight away. The best real estate agents will have their own website like Mark Tung. You can see his testimonials in full public view here

So to make selling our home a lot easier and hopefully more profitable, be sure to contact the best real estate agent in your area.