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Wellington SEO Agency – Four Tips For Putting Together An Effective Backlink Building Campaign

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When it comes to having an effective backlink campaign, most business owners do not know how many backlinks they need or how fast to gain them. Given the fact that search engines such as Google use backlinks as one of the parameters for ranking websites, it is easy to see why doing things in a rush so that you can get as many backlinks and as fast as possible can be tempting. This article by a Wellington SEO agency casts some light on the process.


However, such an approach will only yield undesirable results. Building too many backlinks and too quickly can see them undervalued and disregarded by the search engines, and this can even lead to the losing the top spots in search engine results pages.

So, how do you come up with an effective backlinking campaign? Below are a few tips from a successful Wellington SEO agency that you can use to achieve the results when building backlinks.


  1. Start slowly as you aim to build the backlinks gradually, more so if your site is relatively new. A fresh website with little to no traffic is bound to send red flags to Google If it has lots of new links made in its short life.


  1. Always keep in mind that that how competitive the keywords you use are will influence the rates of building the backlinks. For instance, the businesses in large metropolitan cities will have significant online competition compared to those in the small towns. But if you factor in that most localised search terms are not very competitive compared to other keywords used for national or global markets, your link-building can be much less. Once your site gets to the top spot, you can start taking things slower so that you have a maintenance approach for your backlinking campaign.


  1. Ensure that the anchor text for the backlinks is a combination of your website’s URL, brand, as well as your primary keyword. There are no hard and fast percentages for these but aim for more url and brand than keyword links. Too many of the same keyword can result in spamming and over-optimisation. Also use variations of your keyword such as “niche + city”, best niche + city”, niche company + city”. You get the picture.


  1. Always keep a list the URLs of the site you create links on; it will help you monitor the backlinks. Doing this will also help you to:


  • You can avoid having duplicate backlinks by creating the links for the same source more than once.


  • You can use the list for another backlinking project


  • You can sue the list for indexing purposes where you create a second layer of the backlines that points to the primary ones. However, you should to this will caution to avoid creating duplicate links.


If you have a business in Wellington, NZ, and want to get your site higher in Google, contact this Wellington SEO agency for advice and help.


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